Since her visits to see John of God in Brazil in 2007 Jeanette has been through an incredible level of change and increased self awareness. She now dedicates much of her time to working with people who are terminally ill and demonstrating the remarkable healing abilities of Spirit/God. A TV programme about Jeanette's healing work is expected to take shape over the coming months.

Recently while doing public healings Jeanette has found a new team of guides including ones that use purely sound to heal have started working with her. The time it takes Jeanette to channel a healing has also reduced from around 20 minutes to about 4 minutes. Jeanette is very much in awe of the help she is receiving from Spirit at this time describing the inner unfoldment as "exquisite". It is an exciting time for Jeanette and those around her but it means she will not have the same amount of time available to see people privately as she has had before. Jeanette will be travelling extensively in 2014 with a show that includes messages from loved ones who have passed over and demonstrations of how spirit surgeons can work through Jeanette to heal audience members.

Jeanette has a healing centre called Forrestal Lodge in Inglewood, Taranaki. There she & her team assist others to heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and also work with people who would like to develop their own healing & psychic gifts.


See Jeanette's first television series Dare To Believe on SKY REAL LIVES Fridays  at 8:30pm & Saturdays at 10pm in the UK. Ten episodes run from the 24th July 2009

Dare to Believe is currently showing in Israel and Italy