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Mediumship Shows :: Jeanette Wilson :: New Zealand Spirtual Medium

Welcome to Jeanette's Mediumship Shows.

It is hard to describe with words the feeling you get attending Jeanette's live mediumship shows.

In her Spirit Messages show Jeanette uses Spirit world's assistance and the quality of her own consciousness to create a safe and loving space in which loved ones who have passed over can connect with those most needing to receive a message. Message after message gives hope, comfort & closure; showing that we really do live on.

In Jeanette's HEALING & PXP show, Jeanette demonstrates what happens when she allows a higher spirit world beings to step into her energetic space. Spirit world doctors and surgeons take over Jeanette's physical body to show how pain and restriction can be removed in just minutes. Inspired teachings help us understand who we are how we get sick and how Healing REALLY works.

It is an extra-ordinary evening one that will change your perception of this reality forever.”